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Diablo 4 PRO Word Press Theme

I just started working on a new WordPress theme, this one will gear toward a gamer theme. I am still working on how this theme will look and the outcomes of the theme. The colors schemes are dark red in colors. PRO Themes always includes some special features like Social icons.

Purple Dragon Theme submitted to WordPress

FREE Version of Purple Dragon Theme has been completed and I have submitted to WordPress for reviews awaiting for their releases. Once it passed their reviews I will let everyone know that you can download it in the WordPress Themes Shop.

Purple Dragon is a dark color theme concept background in mind. This theme is best suited for a any blogs and can be modified to fit any other concept. Header and background images can be customized and changed to the clan’s needs.

Working on Purple Dragon Theme

I am currently working on the next WordPress Theme. It is called Purple Dragon Theme. Traditionally dark theme concept with two columns in minds. This theme can be change to fit any site theme concept as you see fit. It can be use for gaming blogs, or just a traditional blogs sites.

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Updating DRD Site!

Working on the updates for the DRD Site, I am moving all the contents to WordPress and working on my default WordPress Theme at the moment. So Please be patient. Once I am finished with my default theme, I’ll be getting back at pushing out some great WordPress themes for everyone.