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 Thank you Megaboost
I would like to formally thanks Megaboost for making me my personal Avatar, Signature & Ranks package. It looks very cool, I loved it. Thanks for your hard work in getting it done for me.

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 NEXT PROJECT: Wild West Theme
This is the draft of the next project Theme I am looking into getting it out after I am done with the Hive Theme. It's the Wild West style by FanFanlaTuFlippe. It will be done with a different header modification than the original author intend, since the original header was very big combine. I am using part of the header as the footer instead.

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 New Avatars for the site!
Got some new avatars for the site, thanks to Maga's Portal and Megaboost for providing these avatars images. I also got rid of the default avatars, not really like them much anyway. I like specific ones for default avatar for the site.

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 Mobile looks for the theme
Here is the Mobile look for the responsive theme:

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 Hive Theme
Working on the new responsive gamer theme (as you can see) and updating the way it looks and feels. You can see updates features in the forum post under Themes Tracker -> Hive Theme. Any suggestions or recommendations are welcome for the theme.

I already made some changes based off some recommendations prior.

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