• Call of Duty [Nuke-Evolution] Series


  • Call of Duty 4 - Word ar War

    $45.00 USD

    Call of Duty 4 [Black Ops]

    $45.00 USD

    Call of Duty - Modern Warfare


  • Get all 3 Pack Series NOW for a limited time offer: $120.00 USD [ SALE end May 31st, 2022]


  • Call of Duty [WordPress] Series


  • Call of Duty 4 [Black Ops] (WordPress) [Light Theme]
    Call Of Duty - Modern Warefare
    Call of Duty World at War

  • Going Fully Bootstrapped

    I am working on re-coding WordPress themes making them more my style and more responsive, based on https://getbootstrap.com/ guidance. Working on getting all my themes to be Bootstrapped coded ready. This will make it easier in the long run and fewer codes to deal with in the future. A lot of bootstrap control will be […]

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    Call of Duty 4 [Black Ops] Released

    Call of Duty 4 [Black Ops] just got completed you can get it now for $45.00 USD. It came out pretty great a good theme for your (Clan’s) Nuke-Evolution Xtreme (EVO) site. Get it now.

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    Hive Theme (DF)

    Nuke-Evolution (EVO) Of all Things

    As I am getting my site and everything settled in, I have set up the DEMO portion of the site to show how my EVO Themes work. All Themes support and everything will still be handled here on the main side of the house. So, if you need help, please contact me here. Also, all […]

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    A few changes to DRD!

    A few changes to DRD!

    I am working on a few changes and updating Dragon Realms Designs and how the site works and feels, so don’t be alarmed. Originally, I planned on turning off the user registration for new users due to the fact that 70% + that were registered were unconfirmed users (were probably bots or spam users). I […]

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    Red Animation Theme (WP)

    Red Animation Theme (WP)

    Looking into building a new WordPress Theme called “Red Animation”. It will be an animated title, back background, the title is red with some decorations. Sticky footer that will not move, top navigation will stay at the top when you scroll to the bottom. It will look very nice. This theme will be a very […]

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