About Dragon Realms Designs

Dragon Realms Designs [DRD] originally started out as WebSiteGuru Designs [WD] back in June 2005 [currently located in Walnut, CA (Southern California)]. Emerald Dragon (The owner of DRD) was in Web Designing at the time and started WD as a hobby under the name WebSiteGuru (WSG) while he was working full time. A lot of things has happens from 2005 to 2008 that caused WD to shut down its door and to am eleven years break from Web Designs.

After a long break and returning back in Aug 2020, he restarted the web designs project again and re-established and operating everything under Dragon Realms Designs.

In the begining of March 2021, DRD also took another initiatives in starting another project under the name Dragon Realms Hosting [DRH] and operating it separately from DRD to helps support DRD customers who are looking for a reliable web hosting plans at an affordable prices. Since then, DRD and DRH have been operating and helping customers altogether to assists customers to this day.

Posted by Emerald Dragon
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